Ammo-pro Bike Cleaning Products Review

Before any of our test bikes are returned to the importer, the normal practice would be to give them a good clean – and after a 600-mile long distance test run, my Honda SH300i could certainly do with it. So it was perfect timing when a range of Ammo-pro cleaning products turned up.

Ammo-pro Bike Cleaning Products Review

The Ammo-pro company originally began life by formulating high spec cleaning products for use in the military and aerospace industries; they moved into producing motorcycle products around two years ago and haven’t looked back since. One of their unique selling points is that they don’t sell any of their products in aerosol form, but instead choose to market them to customers as propellants–which means that you get two-to-three times more product for your money than you would with an aerosol.

My Honda had been ridden in all weathers and consequently, it was filthy and in real need of a decent wash. So I first cleaned-off the mechanical parts (engines, wheels, etc.) using Ammo’s .243 degreaser (£7.75), followed by the plastic and paintwork with their .303 cleaning fluid (£7.50), then taking care to wash everything down with a power jet washer. Once everything was spick and span, the bike was given a shampoo with Ammo Wash & Shield (£8.50). All of this did the trick and the Honda was soon looking like new again.

The full Ammo-pro range contains a lot more cleaning products than mentioned here, so it’s well worth going online and taking a look at what would be best suited for your own personal use. And just a word of warning; if you are using any degreasant products to clean your bike, it’s worth bearing in mind that you shouldn’t leave them for too long on surface that might easily be damaged and you should wash them off before they dry out.

Price : £6.50 Upwards

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