Electric Bikes Get Subsidies!

The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) has announced that the public will soon be able to enjoy a subsidy for electric motorcycles and scooters, which has so far only been available for four wheel vehicles. The price of each vehicle will be reduced by £1500 or 20% of the total purchase cost (screen price), whichever is the smaller.

Electric Bikes Get Subsidies!

Unlike cars, electric motorcycles and scooters can be charged at home or work using normal plug sockets, which makes them more accessible. The grant will be made available for new road-registered electric motorcycles and scooters reaching the following criteria… Bikes will have to weigh at least 50kg without their batteries, emit zero CO2, have a range of at least 50km (scooters must pass 30km) between charges, and have a minimum top speed of 40kph.

The batteries must not be lead acid or silicone lead acid, and while the vehicle must have a two-year unlimited mileage warranty, the battery or fuel cell and electric drive train must have a five year warranty, but this can be broken into a three year/30,000km warranty, with the option to extend it by two years/20,000km. The government’s description of ‘drive train’ includes the clutch, transmission, drive shafts, U-joints and differential.

The MCIA has been involved in negotiations with the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) for the past three years. An initial announcement about extending the grant to motorcycles and scooters was made by the Coalition Government in March 2015; however the detail was not confirmed until now, and is part of a £35 million boost for ultra low emission vehicles.

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