SW Motech Scrambler Parts for Suzuki SV650

German motorcycle accessory specialist SW Motech has created a range of parts to fully customise Suzuki’s new SV650. The complete Dealer Kit includes rad guards (£77), chain (£86.90) and headlight (£86.90), plus front frame and sprocket covers (£39.60 each), side (£103.39) and exhaust protection (£19.80).

The footrest kit (£93.50) provides extra comfort and grip, while bar risers (£45.10) give a scrambler-style riding position; mirror extenders (£49.50) improve rearward vision. SW Motech indicators (£113.29) and fender kit (£172.69), alongside the Dunlop Mutant dual sport tyres, Remus Okami End Can and Genuine Tuck Roll seat, finish offthe street scrambler look and feel.

Owners can also kit out their Suzuki with the new Legend Gear Luggage, which combines vintage looks with modern materials, and has a versatile and robust carrying system; add extra protection with the sturdy engine crash bars; or top off the street scrambler styling with a choice of handguards.

For details of the Suzuki SV650 SW Motech Dealer Edition, contact your nearest authorised Suzuki dealer, or visit: www.suzuki-gb.co.uk

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