Denali SoundBOMB Mini Horn Review

The Denali SoundBOMB Mini might be small, but it produces a claimed 113 decibels of sound. I fitted the horn to my old Yamaha, and the increase in volume compared to the original horn is impressive.

The horn is quite small and has a stylish look, although you don’t see much of it as it sits neatly between the forks in the same place where the original horn used to be.

Left: Out with the old, Right: And on with the new SoundBOMB

Instructions are included in the box, but installation is so easy that you might want to skip them. I managed to use the same brackets that were already there, which made things easy. All you need to do is unplug the wires from the old horn, remove it from the bracket, then replace it with the SoundBOMB, attach the screws and plug the wires in. The new horn didn’t require any additional relay or wiring harness.

This is a nice little addition to any bike, and a small investment in getting heard when you need to.

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