Gear Gremlin Mosquito Disc Lock Review

The Gear Gremlin Mosquito disc lock is designed to fit onto the front or rear disc brake of your motorcycle or scooter in order to help prevent it from being moved forward or backwards.

It secures to your bike by inserting a lockable 5mm hardened steel pin through any of the holes in your ventilated disc brake, or in between the outer disc and the inner disc mounting rotor (this option will depend on your bike’s manufacturer, or on which model of bike you own).

Gear Gremlin Mosquito Disc Lock Review

The Mosquito disc lock comes with two sets of keys; it has an impact resistant die-cast steel body construction, designed to resist theft attempts. It’s a brilliant little safety lock that doesn’t weigh too much and because of its size, it fits easily underneath the seat of my scooter, safely nestled inside the protective carrying pouch that it comes supplied with – and in my opinion, that pouch is an essential part of the overall package, as it helps to prevent anything alien getting into the lock mechanism (as well as protecting any other items in the storage bay from being contaminated by any undesirable muck the lock may have picked up while being secured to the wheel disc).

Obviously a disc lock alone wouldn’t stop the determined toe-rag from just lifting the secured wheel and ‘wheelbarrowing’ your bike away (you’d to use it in conjunction with another security device – like a lock and chain – in order to help prevent that happening).

Having that sort of lock/chain setup can be bulky and heavy to carry around, but the Mosquito disc lock is a light, compact, intermediate unit that does its job very well.


RRP: circa £30

Colours: Red, Fluoro, Chrome

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