Oxford Dryphone Pro Phone Mount Review

More and more people use their phones for music, calls and navigation while on their bikes, and with items like this new Oxford Dryphone Pro waterproof and shock-resistant mobile phone mount case, you can see how phones on bikes will soon be a regular occurrence.

Oxford Dryphone Pro Phone Mount Review

Now, I have to be honest, I haven’t tested this Oxford Dryphone Pro phone holder in rain. My phone costs too much for me to be willing to run that risk, but I have had quite a few rides in the dry with it, and it has performed well. The base for the phone holder is easy to mount onto the handlebars with a couple of screws (no tools required), and the holder itself simply clicks and slides in place using its quick-release mechanism.

The mechanism looks a little on the flimsy side and moves a bit when forced, but it has kept my phone firmly in place during the rides, so I can’t fault it. There is no locking system, so when you leave the bike, pick up the phone holder too.

Using your phone while on your bike is pretty similar to using a sat-nav as the touch-sensitive cover allows you to thumb your way though the phone’s functions.

The main limitation is your phone’s battery, which on my phone tends to run out pretty quickly when I use the phone for navigation. Because the case is waterproof, you can’t run a USB lead into your phone from a power socket, so for longer journeys navigation may become a problem.

But if you don’t need your phone for navigation, the Oxford Dryphone Pro mount makes it easy to access your music and calls while riding.

There are cases for various Apple and Samsung phones. The one I tested was for iPhone 6.


RRP: From £29.99

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