Suzuki Katana 2019, Resurrection Confirmed?

Actually, the new Suzuki Katana was not officially announced. But the refreshing of the Katana logo by Suzuki provides new scope for speculation. And now, it was even more speculations when a mysterious video was announcement couple days ago.

Are they planning a new Katana for the 2019 model year?

Suzuki Katana Logo

Suzuki has provided plenty of conversation with a new trademark application. Industry experts speculate after the new application of the name and the logo of the Katana about a soon upcoming comeback of the idiosyncratic classic. Suzuki had re-registered the brand in America on February 8, 2018.

According to insider reports, it could be ready this year with the announcement of a new Katana. The speculation is now confirmed by a new announcement video of Suzuki.

The bike itself wasn’t completely shown in the video. But the content was very close to a new Suzuki Katana. You can see it for yourself. Finally, on October 2 we will learn at INTERMOT, whether in the video actually a Suzuki Katana was announced.

Believing the speculation, the model name of the Suzuki Katana from the alpha-numeric code of the last submitted patents for the new turbocharged twin cylinder engine from Suzuki derived. Last year, Suzuki had patented the production version “GSX700T”. By the way, the “T” in “GSX700T” stands for “Turbo”, which additionally fuels the speculations about the potentially used drive of a new Katana.

Suzuki Katana Concept

In terms of looks, Suzuki already presented it by the Tokyo Motor Show 2013. And then, two years later at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015, Suzuki showed a revised engine called “XE7”, which could be used in similar form now in the Katana – at least let the last registered patents suggest. Compared to the study presented in 2013, however, the “XE7” has double overhead camshafts.

By the way, these are not Suzuki’s first attempts to revive the Katana brand. Already in January 2010, the Japanese manufacturer had made similar efforts. In hindsight, not too much happened, but this time the company could be more seriously meant. We definitely want Suzuki to be surprised with a new Katana at the upcoming fairs!

Suzuki Katana

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