About Us

We live in remarkable times. It’s a golden age of inventive, versatile, exciting bikes (at good prices, in many cases). Just when you think it’s as good as it could possibly get, along comes yet another fresh challenger for the title of ultimate tool for long-distance thrill-seekers. It’s our job – and great pleasure – to compare the leading contenders, which is exactly what we do in REAL MOTORIDERS.


We’re revamping Bike with more indepth, more tests, more adventure and a special category guide to inspire your Touring plans, and All riding gear that you need. REAL MOTORIDERS takes all responsible steps to ensure advice and technical tips are written by experienced and competent people.

We also advise readers to seek further professional advice if they are unsure at any time. Anything technical written by the editor is exempt – he’s rubbish with spanners…

REAL MOTORIDERS – For The Love Of The Ride